Bio Analytical Services

The Scitus Bioanalytical team has qualified and experienced scientists with vast experience in bioanalysis – with proven expertise in method development, method validation, and regulated bioanalysis for complex bioanalytical assays such as compounds having metabolite back conversion, unstable compounds, endogenous compounds, hormones, and steroids.

Our bioanalytical facility is equipped with 12 LC/MS/MS Waters Xevo models such as TQD, TQS-Micro, TQS, TQ-XS coupled with UPLC to provide different studies and volume of clinical samples for simultaneous analysis. The sensitivity of the bioanalytical instruments is high enough to support analysis of molecules with a concentration of as low as 1 picogram.

Scitus has more than 120 methods in its library to support clinical studies. For details refer to the method library.

Our Capabilities